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How It Works

How To Rent

How do I book my rental?
Once you know the date and time on your event, browse our entire catalog of rentable items. Pick your date before hitting the "rent this item" button that will lead you to checkout.
Do I need to sign a contract?
When we come set-up, we will have you sign a standard contract to protect both parties!
What payment methods are accepted?
We take payment (debit, credit) through our website in order to reserve your rental, but in special cases, we may allow cash/cheque payments. Please fill out the contact us form for special requests.
Where do you deliver?
We have a 50 mile rental radius. Because of the nature of our products, we have to deliver our items. These are the zip codes that are within our radius:

72211 72255 72212 72227 72205 72204 72207 72209 72223 72210 72203 72214 72215 72216 72217 72219 72221 72225 72295 72231 72260 72201 72222 72202 72113 72119 72190 72115 72124 72118 72114 72002 72022 72164 72116 72089 72053 72103 72199 72206 72120 72135 72117 72018 72158 72183 72106 72011 72019 72065 72015 72180 72076 72078 72099 72142 72034 72016 72032 72122 72035 72033 72023 72070 72132 72167 72087 72083 72173 72107 72128 72129 72086 72181 72182 72079 72127 72125 72007 72046 72150 72168 71909 72045 72037 72126 72176 71901 72058 72001 71602 72047 72110 72152 72157 72084 72111 72024 71903 72012 71612 72104 72039 72156 71902 71914 71913 72061 72057 71910 72136 72025 72066 72072 71611 71613 72102 71949 72175 71956 72063 72052 72027 71941 71603 72064 72858 72137 71601 72013 72853 72823 72131 71942 72030 72068 72829

You can check if your zip code is in our rental radius before you add a rental to the cart.


How does set-up/take-down work?
When you check out, you'll select the start time of your event. We will contact you shortly after you place your order, and we will coordinate the best time to come and set-up your rental. Typically, we will set-up (or deliver your items) an hour before your event. This set-up time does not count towards your rental time! We will also coordinate with you regarding take-down time. As long as we don't have another rental appointment for the item, the take-down can be negotiated, especially if your event runs late.
What if I want to rent an item for more than 6 hours?
We understand that not all events will fit into a tidy scheduling window. Please let us know that you expect your event to last longer than 6 hours when we contact you to arrange set-up/tear-down and we would be happy to negotiate a pickup time that is beneficial for both parties, often free of charge.
Can I get a discount if I want to rent multiple backdrops?
Our backdrops are delicate and require individual set-up, so our set-up and tear-down times will be lengthened if you rent more than one. However, we love showing appreciation to our customers and would be happy to offer a 20% discount on your second backdrop if you let us know before booking. Please fill out the contact us form to let us know and we will supply a discount code that can be applied at checkout.
What if an item is broken or damaged during my event?
We understand that accidents happen! Unfortunately, our items are often expensive and difficult to fix or replace. We will do our best to repair any small damages without replacing the item. If an item can be repaired, the customer will be responsible for all repair costs. If an item cannot be repaired, the customer will be responsible for the entire cost of a replacement.

Refunds and Rescheduling

My event was postponed. Can I get a refund on my rental?
We understand that things happen!

We do charge a $75 fee to reschedule a rental, provided the new date is available.

If the new date is unavailable, we will not be able to issue a refund, but can offer you a store gift card (minus the $75 reschedule fee) to use for a future event!

Send us an email at: hello@evrenarkansas.com
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